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Campaign launch date: March 15, 2022

The day of the district planning committee which will determine the fate of  Mitzpetel

On March 15, the District Committee will reach its decision. There's a reasonable basis for assuming that the Committee will approve the plan in general– meaning that we have no time to lose!

We oppose any construction on Mitzpetel – Armon HaNetziv Ridge, and so we're starting right now to raise the funds necessary to continue our struggle on the legal plane.

  1. The money raised will serve our cause in the following ways:

  2. Funding further efforts on the legal plane Publicizing and raising awareness of the cause

  3. Planning and advancing the development of the ridge as an urban nature site, to ensure its existence for generations to come.


These three goals require a lot of resources; That's why we need your help!

Donations to this project are tax deductible in Israel (section 46) , USA (501(c)(3)),The UK and Canada.

Thanks for submitting!


Crowdfunding campaign to save Mitzpetel

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